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Frequently Asked Support Questions

What are these calls for?

Maybe you need someone to help you figure out if the relationship is toxic. Or perhaps you have already left, and you are trying to understand why you ended up in that relationship in the first place? Dating online and need someone to help you stay accountable to YOURSELF? Maybe, you coparent with a narcissist and just need someone who gets it to give you support. These calls are one hour, of uninterrupted time and the topic… is you. 

What is it the No Contact Club?

This is a One Week (7 day) membership to the No Contact Club where you have Amy by your side 24/7 (via text/email) and one 30 minute call a day to support you while you go No Contact from your toxic or abusive relationship or decide your next move. ($65/7 days)

Why only one week?

Truth bomb- it takes the average person about 7 times to leave their toxic relationship. Why? Because part of what makes this entire thing worthy of support is that it’s like an addiction. Trauma bond IS an addiction. I go week to week because when someone comes to me for help, they can’t commit to anything longer because they don’t even know what’s real yet. They are in survival mode. A lot can and will change week to week as the fog clears. As a survivor myself, I can attest to this. 

How are the calls conducted?

Each meeting will be provided a zoom meeting link to meet virtually, which is preferred. If needed, a phone call is also an option.

So like, are you a therapist or something?

100% no. Please do not hire me under the assumption that I am a counselor or doctor or therapist of any kind. 

I am offering support and expertise based on real life experience. By now you’ve seen my content on @narcinsheepsclothing. I teach from my specific experiences of narcissism. I direct using what healed me! Things such as attachment theory, and codependency recovery.


Support from me should not replace proper trauma therapy.